1: "Try these easy high-protein vegetarian lunches for a quick and delicious meal in just 15 minutes."

2: "Chickpea salad with avocado and feta - a protein-packed lunch option that is ready in no time."

3: "Quinoa and black bean burrito bowls - a flavorful and satisfying vegetarian lunch idea."

4: "Tofu stir-fry with veggies - a quick and healthy high-protein meal for busy days."

5: "Lentil and spinach soup - a hearty and nutritious lunch option that can be prepared in a flash."

6: "Greek yogurt and fruit parfait - a refreshing and protein-rich lunch for a busy day."

7: "Egg salad lettuce wraps - a light and filling lunch idea that is perfect for a quick meal."

8: "Peanut butter and banana sandwiches - a classic high-protein vegetarian lunch option."

9: "Spicy tempeh and veggie stir-fry - a delicious and protein-packed lunch ready in 15 minutes."