1: The hit show Suits concluded after 9 seasons, leaving fans wondering why there isn't a Season 10.

2: Cast members like Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams departing may have contributed to the show's end.

3: The storylines may have run their course, leading producers to decide it was time to wrap up the series.

4: Suits had a successful run, earning critical acclaim and a loyal fan base over the years.

5: The decision to end the show may have been a strategic move to maintain its quality and legacy.

6: Fans can still enjoy the show's previous seasons on streaming platforms like Netflix.

7: The characters and storylines of Suits continue to resonate with viewers long after the series finale.

8: While there may not be a Season 10, the impact of Suits on the television landscape is undeniable.

9: Suits may have ended, but its legacy lives on through its devoted fan base and enduring popularity.