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About Me

The jiujitsu journey began at a Gracie Academy Affiliate in Phillipsburg New Jersey when I was in 6th grade. Within six months, I was helping run kids class and was an assistant instructor in adult classes. After five years of diligent training and teaching, I was awarded my blue belt at the age of 16. I had traveled to California as well to train at the infamous Gracie Academy in Torrance California. The Gracie were very aligned with exactly what Jiujitsu represented and I tried to soak in every detail and aspect I could in my time there.

My wrestling journey began at Belvidere high school in New Jersey, under the legendary Daniel McIntyre and Seth Wisner. Very soon into wreslting I realized it was very different than Jiujitsu, but accepted the challenge and ended up making varsity my junior and senior year on a competitive team, along with placing at districts and being a regional qualifier.

A couple months after receiving my blue belt, I had been invited to come train at a new gym in town, 10th Planet Bethlehem. The first day I rolled with Zach, JM, and Grace then walked off the mat and told my dad this is where I want to train. The atmosphere and the scientific approach to this “arte suave” that these two guys told everything I needed to know, from then on I trained at 10th Planet Bethlehem while finishing up high school then going on to college. While in college I was able to start the “King’s College Jiujitsu Club” to share my knowledge and not slow my Jiujitsu growth, while wrestling at the D3 level and doing well in school. Currently I teach at 10th Planet Bethlehem and 10th Planet Allentown, continuing to share my passion and energy of Jiujitsu with all. What motivates me to teach Jiujitsu is that it gives you the ability to empower people and make them live the best version of themselves.


Former D3 Collegiate Wreslter

WNX Contestant

ADC Trials top 32, east and west coast trials


10 th Planet Bethlehem Brown belt

Finishers Sub only official referee (EBI rules)

F2W 200lb Brown belt super fight winner x2

Subsersiv 4th place /veteran

High Rollerz brown belt open champion

SOGI pro superfight winner

Multiple time UGC superfight champ

Midwest Finishers veteran

High Rollerz brown black 2nd place

Nuway combat quintet team champions

Emerald city invitational super fight winner

High Rollerz brown & Purple Belt Absolute open

Fuji pro 200lb champ x2

Finishers Sub only pro competitor

Finishers Sub Only 2 ~ 185 lb second place

Rise Invitational superfight winner

SAGC endurance format winner

NAGA expert champion x 4

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